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How much adhesive should I apply to the seaming joint tape?

Normally an 11kg set will cover between 15-25 linear metres of seaming joint tape.  However, the carpet backings can vary and to ensure that you are achieving the correct coverage rate we would recommend that you refer to our Good …

Some areas along the joint look weak, what can be the problem?

There can be a number of reasons for this and often can be due to the application process.  Follow our Best Practice advice.

I have a very small repair job to complete, what would you recommend?

For minor repairs Envirostik’s single part Aquabond adhesive is ideal.  It is supplied in a 310ml cartridge for easy application.

Do we need special equipment to mix and apply the adhesive?

We’d recommend mixing the adhesives with a drill mixer.  This ensures that both parts are mixed together fully and that a good bond is achieved.  Specialist application equipment is also available and the Envirostik Seam-rite machine is designed to apply …

What’s the lowest temperature that your adhesive will bond at?

Envirostik Wet-fix and Ultra-fix have been specially developed for use in low temperatures from 3°C.  Envirostik’s Multi-purpose Adhesive is formulated to bond in temperatures above 5°C.

Can we install artificial grass in the wet?

Moisture tolerant adhesives are available but…If it’s really wet the adhesive will try to bond to the water on the surface rather than the surface itself…absolutely impossible for any adhesive! Test first as carpet backings vary and some are less …

We have a rugby pitch to install and want to meet the IRB test parameters, how do we achieve it?

Envirostik Ultra-Fix is the latest in adhesive innovation, specially designed for high contact sports installations such as Rugby.  Envirostik have developed Ultra-Fix two part polyurethane adhesive in conjunction with their new high performance seaming tape, Envirostik RTX Tape.  The combined …