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Best Practice

Our adhesives are formulated to perform in the most demanding conditions; however, it’s important to follow the installation guidance available in the Envirostik Good Practice Guide. Essentially, there are a few key considerations when undertaking any artificial grass installation:

• Temperatures & Storage – Always protect the adhesive from any temperature extremes both prior to and during installation. Refer to the product packaging for further guidance.

• Mixing – In the case of Envirostik 2-component polyurethane adhesive systems always add the hardener to the tub of adhesive at the correct ratio by weight and use a mechanical mixer to ensure all the components are effectively dispersed.

• Application – Apply sufficient adhesive to the back of the carpet to totally cover and fill the backing ridges. Use the correct application tools; a Seam-Rite machine is ideal for larger installations.

• Seam joints – Ensure that the carpet joins down the centre of the tape and that sufficient adhesive is covering the tape – ideally a minimum of 24cm width of adhesive onto a 30cm Seaming Tape.

• Cross joints – The yellow area represents an area where joints cross and on some tapes it is essential to remove the film backing or reinforcing medium when bonding to this area.

• Curing process – Apply light, even pressure after bonding the carpet to the tape.

Envirostik Good Practice Guide For Adhesive Seam Jointing, click to download